Conference Agenda

The detailed agenda for the 33rd Mid-America Labor/Management Conference July 8-11 at Camden on the Lake is here! Registration and hotel information can be found at The hotel is nearing full, so please make both conference and hotel reservations soon.

Here is what you will experience:

33rd Mid-America Labor/Management Conference

Agenda July 8-11, 2018, Camden on the Lake

Shaping the Future of Labor/Management Relationships

Timings Details Location
Sunday, July 8, 4 p.m. Registration begins lobby (The lobby bar will be open)
Sunday, July 8, 5:30-7 p.m. Opening Reception Toad Island. Drinks and hors d’ouveres
Monday, July 9, 7:30 a.m.-noon Registration Outside Harbor Ballroom
Monday, July 9, 7:30 a.m.-8:30 a.m Breakfast Harbor Ballroom
Monday, July 9, 8:30 a.m. General Session Harbor Ballroom

Dr. Tom Kochan

Keynote speaker Kochan is the George Maverick Bunker Professor of Management, a Professor of Work and Employment Research and Engineering Systems, and the CoDirector of the MIT Sloan Institute for Work and Employment Research at the MIT Sloan School of Management.

Dr. Kochan focuses on the need to update America’s work and employment policies, institutions, and practices to catch up with a changing workforce and economy. His recent work calls attention to the challenges facing working families in meeting their responsibilities at work, at home, and in their communities. Through empirical research, he demonstrates that fundamental changes in the quality of employee and labor-management relations are needed to address America’s critical problems in industries ranging from healthcare to airlines to manufacturing. His most recent book is Shaping the Future of Work (Business Experts Press, 2016).

He speaks frequently at national and regional labor-management conference. Kochan holds a BBA in personnel management as well as an MS and a PhD in industrial relations from the University of Wisconsin.

Timings Details Location
Monday, July 9, 10 a.m. Break Harbor Ballroom
Monday, July 9, 10:15 a.m. Workshops First Floor

Affinity Approach to Collaborative Economic Bargaining

An alternative method of bargaining that compliments Interest Based Bargaining and further promotes collaborative discussion with issues that can’t be settled by only using the Interest Based model. It does so by further facilitating participation of every individual and discussions amongst the full group, sub groups and individuals; all in order to find better understanding and common ground so that collaboratively negotiated packages are accomplished

Glen B. Reed, Jr. is a St Louis Commissioner with the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service. He has been with the Service since March, 2003. Mr. Reed is a graduate of the Coles School of Business, at Kennesaw State University, located in Kennesaw, Ga, with a BA Degree in Management, and a concentration in Human Resources. Prior to his service in the Federal Government, Commissioner Reed spent five years working with various chapters of the National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA), the Sheet Metal and Air Conditioning Contractors Association (SMACNA), and the Mechanical Contractors Association (MCA). These are all non-profit trade organizations in the area of Labor-Management Relations for the electrical and mechanical construction industries.

Myla Hite, St. Louis Commissioner with the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service

The Union’s Duty of Fair Representation

William LeMaster, Field Attorney, National Labor Relations Board

Carla Coffman, Field Examiner, National Labor Relations Board

The presentation will cover a union’s responsibilities to the employees it represents, more specifically, its responsibilities when handling grievances, in contract negotiations, and in its general communications with employees. The presenters will also talk about the Union’s prohibition from seeking or causing the discipline or discharge of the employees it represents.

Timings Details Location
Monday, July 9, 11:30 a.m. Golf Tournament Lake Valley Country Club (shuttle available). 367 C.C. Balir Drive, Camdenton, MO 65020

For non-golfers the afternoon and evening are open for networking, meetings and exploring the Lake of the Ozarks. A shuttle into Osage Beach is available on request.

Timings Details Location
Tuesday, July 10, 8-9 a.m. Breakfast Harbor Ballroom
Tuesday, July 10, 9 a.m. General Session Harbor Ballroom

Addressing Mental Health Issues for Workers

Chris Carlough is the Education Director of SMART MAP, which delivers leadership, communication, representation and organizing education to all union members, representatives, organizers and training fund instructors. SMART MAP is a program that highlights the problems associated with mental health issues, with a primarily focus on substance use disorder and suicide prevention then educates union members to direct those members and their families to those helping resources. These SMART MAP Volunteers are compassionate, empathetic and well-respected union members who continue to support our members when returning back to work. The therapeutic value of one union member helping another cultivates a powerful peer support network which is often the difference between relapsing or entering a new and healthy life in recovery.

On-Site Health Care Clinics

Labor and management efforts to enhance health care and control costs include the development of clinics at workplace and union hall sites. Panelists will discuss the experience of a clinic developed by Cerner Corp. for members of Operating Engineers Local 101.

Women in Workforce: Skilled Trades, Utilities, Manufacturing

The emergence—and need for even greater participation—of women in building trades, utility and manufacturing create opportunities and issues for labor and management. Panelists will provide their perspectives on how to attract women to these fields and to adapt workplaces to retain them.

Alise Martiny, Business Manager, Greater Kansas City Building & Construction Trades Council

Tania McNeive, IBEW 7th District Womens Committee person

Noon—Lunch and Speakers – Harbor Ballroom

OSHA Whistleblower and Voluntary Protection Plan

Mike Oesch, Acting Assistant Regional Administrator, U.S. Department of Labor—OSHA

Bill McDonald, Director, St. Louis Regional Office, U.S. Department of Labor-OSHA

Timings Details Location
Tuesday, July 10, 1:15 p.m. Workshops Breakouts on First Floor

Mock Arbitration

Name Position
Kara Larson Counsel for the company (Nevergy, Inc.)
Steve Boyce Sr. Director, Labor & Employee Relations (Nevergy)
John Garretson Business manager (IBEW Local 304)
Bret Bonge T&D Supervisor (Nevergy)
Brad Miller Line foreman – terminated for serious safety violation (Nevergy)
Gene Sicard journeyman lineman (Nevergy)
Will Lawrence Counsel for the union
Patrick Dunn arbitrator

Here’s a summary of the facts of the case:

On June 1, 2017, foreman Brad Miller and journeyman lineman Sicard were assigned to move an underground electric junction box. Miller, who was in charge of running the job, directed Sicard, a relatively new employee with the company, to cut an underground cable that he (Miller) assumed had been grounded. Neither man followed all of Nevergy’s safety procedures to determine whether the cable was dead and, therefore, safe to cut.

Miller, who was standing nearby, directed Sicard to cut the 7200-volt underground cable. The resulting flash burned Sicard’s leg and put a softball-sized hole in his pants. Sicard was not taken to a hospital until supervisor Bonge learned what had happened and directed Miller to do so. Sicard missed two days of work on account of his injuries.

Nevergy discharged Miller and issued a five-day unpaid suspension to Sicard after an investigation.

IBEW Local 304 grieved both disciplinary actions, and the subject of the arbitration in this matter is the Miller termination. The union alleges that the company did not prove just cause for termination.

The Impact of Missouri’s New Prevailing Wage Law

Hon. Missouri State Sen. Gina Walsh

Hon. Missouri State Sen. Dave Schatz

Timings Details Location
Monday, July 9, 2:45 p.m. General Sessions Harbor Ballroom

Fiduciary Responsibility

Panelists will review and update the requirements for fund trustees.

Brian Dunn, Dunn & Davidson

Roger Novak, CPA, Novak Birks, P.C. A leader in professional and civic organizations, Roger has more than 34 years of experience with employee benefit issues and is a member of the International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans.

William ”Bill” Miller, CPA, is CEO of Novak Birks, a past Unified Government Commissioner and a member of the Bank of Labor Board of Directors.

Mark Underwood, US Department of Labor

Personal Financial Planning

Nationally-recognized expert Brad Stephens, Principal, will discuss planning for your financial future whether you are a business owner, executive or union member.

Timings Details Location
Monday, July 9, 6 p.m. Reception Lakeside Room

Wine provided by Missouri Wine and Grape Alliance

Timings Details Location
Monday, July 9, 7 p.m. Banquet Harbor Ballroom

Herman Wallace Family Presentation

Prize Drawings

Timings Details Location
Wednesday, July 11, 8-9 a.m. Breakfast Harbor Ballroom
Wednesday, July 11, 9 a.m. General Session Harbor Ballroom

Cyberwar: Brief History and Current State of Affairs

Shannon McMurtrey, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Management Information Systems

Drury University

Breech School of Business Administration

Dr. McMurtrey teaches Cybersecurity courses in the graduate college. His professional background includes over 20 years of IT experience in the field of e-commerce. Dr. McMurtrey is a Missouri State University College of Business research award winner and has published journal articles in the area of artificial intelligence in the United States and Europe. He holds several respected industry certifications in the areas of network penetration, incident handling, and web application security. Dr. McMurtrey was recently awarded an Excellence in Technology Award as Security Professional of the Year by the Association of Information Technology Professionals and Biz417.

The Status of “Right-to-Work” in Missouri

Mike Louis, President, Missouri AFL-CIO


Prize Drawings

11 a.m. Close

Noon—MALMC Planning Committee meeting. Any interested participant with ideas is welcome to attend.
We look forward to seeing you there! If you have questions or suggestions, please contact Bob Jacobi, mailto> We also welcome items for the conference goody bags (150 minimum needed), volunteers and your help in spreading the word. Thanks!